Jewels and precious objects, cash, valuables - Disclaimer

The hotel being equipped with a central safe, it is asked to our dear customers staying with jewels or precious objects, fragile or of any type of value, as well as cash which they would not wish to keep on them or to monitor themselves during their stay to report it to the reception and to have them placed in the safe against receipt of a deposit slip after inspection and verification of the goods delivered for safekeeping.

The rooms are not equipped with cameras to respect the privacy of guests, neither with individual safes.

The Hotel will be, in accordance with the legal rules in force, released from any responsibility in the event of negligence of our friendly customers if the aforementioned objects or comparable items are not presented to the reception desk and put in the safe upon arrival and in case of purchase during the stay immediately after introducing them in the Hotel. The goods stored in the safe are available by presenting the deposit slip and an identity document 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by their owner only.